PART 5(:

END OF PART 4-“Well, im really tired. ill see you in the morning.” you said laying down on courtneys floor with lexi. You checked your phone to see if you had any texts.

*incoming text message.*

Justin: Can you go outside? i wanna talk.

Replying back to the text

You: uhm, okay , ill try.
Justin: okay. im 2 houses down.

you slowly got up and went down stairs trying to be quiet. you opened the door and met justin in his car around the corner. “hey, so what’s going on?” you said while getting in. “yeah, um , i need to ask you something.” He took off his seat belt and leaned in to you. “Justin, what are you doing.” “Shhhh, i need to see something.” as his lips were brushing yours. you closed your eyes as justin took the lead. You didn’t realize it, but you were kissing, (which turned into making out) in only 3 minutes at 3:26AM. In his car.In the cold. Wearing shorts.
He pulled you into the back seat. As he put you on top of him. You knew you shouldn’t be doing this. But you really didn’t want to stop. and he didnt either. he locked his hands on your hips as you locked your hands around his neck as his tounge slid into your mouth. “Justin, stop.” you said while getting off of him. “You have a girlfriend.” you said “im really sorry karissa, i shouldn’t have done that.” “i should go back inside.” you said. before you got out of the door he grabbed your hand. “wait, dont go just yet. I like jessica and all, but there just something about you.” “Well, im not going to be the whore that you cheat on jessica with, so its either me or her. I need to get back inside. ill see you in school justin.” you got out and slammed the door. you got back into the house and closed the door behind you. You leaned on the door. Wow, i just made out with justin bieber, in HIS CAR. “ugh, i really hope im not dreaming right now.” you went back up stairs.

*the next day*
you woke up to lexi snoring and the smell of bacon and pancakes.
you went down stairs to see the house absoloutly spotless. “WOW Courtney! Did you clean all of this up!?” You asked “yeaaahhhh! i wish! , vanessa and maria our house keepers did it!” “oh cool!” you said. “So what happened with justin last night missy!?” courtney asked. “What are you talking about?” “i saw you come inside and justins car driving off last night! you were gone for like 10 minutes!” courtney said. “Well he texted me saying he wanted to talk to me, then he kissed me, which turned into making out, then we went into the back seat , he pulled me on top of him and we made out more. but then i told him to stop even though i really didnt want to. but then i told him id see him later. “omg! karissa! Was he a good kisser at least!?” courtney asked. “OMFG HE WAS AN AMAZING KISSER! And his hands? omg his hands are like…. omg, they were all over me! it was ammmaazzziiinnnggggggggg !(:” you said. Your day was pretty good after that. you went shopping and went to olive garden with lexi and courtney. They really were becoming your bestfriends.

*incoming text message”

chaz:Hey beautiful (; ryans having a massive pre-16th party tonight and i want to dance with you again(; So you better go sexy(;
You: Hmmm, maybe ill make an appearance(; lexi&courtney;can come to right? And i need the address.
Chaz: yeah they can come its 34 applewood drive and it starts at 6
You: okay were going, be pre paired to dance with me tonight.. sexy(;
Chaz: mmmm, im excited (;
You: ill see you later(: byeee.
Chaz: okay bye beautiful!(:<3

5:00 PM

You were in your room getting ready and it was not going to be formal bc it was a pre-party so you wore this –

its the one with the black skirt and the white tank top tucked in.

Courtney and lexi picked you up and you walked into ryans house. It was a hole new croud of people, but a lot of familiar faces. As you walked in his house , it deff wasnt like courtney’s but it was not crappy either so it was pretty nice. You walked in and courtney went to ryan and lexi went to get a drink. You felt someone rap their hands around your waist. You turned around to see chaz looking pretty hot. black skinny jeans and a purple shirt with supras. “You look really hot karissa!” chaz said. “Ready to show everyone up tonight on the dance floor?” he asked ” haha, im not ready yet, i need a drink first. Take me to get one?” you said with a flirty smile. “Uhhhhh, shure!” Chaz took your hand and got you a grape flavored 4 loco. About an hour later you started to let loose so you took chazs hand while he was talking to justin. You put him in back of you, took his hands and put them on your hips again. “Fiesty much?” he said with a laugh. “You so want it!” he kissed your neck “Wanna go to ryan’s room?” you turned around and he took you by the hand and went to his room. Chaz picked you up and put you on the bed as he took off his shoes and got on top of you. “No,no,no , im in control, not you.” you said. you got on top of him and started to kiss him as he slid his tounge into your mouth, while he did that he slid his hands on your butt. making you flinch a bit.
*10 minutes later *

“damn karissa, your pretty good at this.” chaz said. “Ohh hushhh chaz.” you said. You were sort of numbing the pain that justin had been giving you and replacing it my making out with chaz. It never really ment anything, it was almost like you wanted justin, but chaz was your way of getting to him.
and man did you get to him.

“Yo chaa- , WOAH! um, am i interupting something?” justin said barging in on you and chaz (while you were on top of him) “No freaking duh! Get out justin!” chaz said while throwing a pillow at him. “i was only going to say that im taking jess home, ill be back later.” Justin looked heart broken. And you felt really bad. you almost forgot you were on top of chaz. “Hey, baby, wanna keep going?” he said while rubbing your neck. “Uhhh, i think im just gonna go back down stairs and get another drink.” “oh, uh, okay , you owe me another sexy make-out session then!” he said with a flirty smile. “Haaha , okay chaz, whatever you say!” you got up and walked down stairs, got another drink and just when you went outside to get some air, justin got out of his car WITH OUT JESSICA and took you by the hand and took you over to the side of the house.

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JSYK it was a friday, so it was the weekend.

ENDING OF PART 3 : “Fuck her, im probably going to break up with her anyway.” justin said. Your heart stopped. This.Is.Crazy. “so how do you like stratty?” he asked. “It’s nice, alot of hot guys haha.” “Do you think im hot?” he said getting up and getting close to you. He wanted to play games? Bring it. You leaned in to him, making it look like you were going to kiss him. Your lips were almost touching. Untill your door opened.

part 4:
“karissa , im hungry!” your little brother said walking into your room. “Okay, ill be out in a sec!” As he stomped his little feet out of your room. “I gotta go.ill see you around!” you said walking out of your room leaving justin there. you started to walk down the stairs, as you heard your balcony doors close. justin obviously left.

2 hours later.

“Hey karissa! Where are you?” your mom said. “In here!” your door opened. Your mom looked exactly like you. dark hair, brown eyes, same lips, she even wore your clothes some times. “Ah there you are! How was your first day?” “It was good, i had a problem with the head bieoch of the school, but i think its all going to be okay. Alot of hot guys to!” you said. “Well im glad to hear that, please dont start any drama with this head bitch! Thats the last thing you need!” “Haha, yeah i know mom, ill be fine, ill be watching my back to, i met 2 girls to! and 2 guys gave me their numbers!” you said. “Hahahahahaha! thats my girl!” Your mom was like your bestfriend. You told her everything. litterly EVERYTHING. “Well , i have homework and stuff to do, so can you leave? haha” you said. “Yeah of course, Oh and karissa? I want you to go out and socialize so i give you permission to go out tonight.” your mom said with a smile “thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!” you said getting up and squeezing your mom into a hug. “Well, your father and i are going out tonight, so if you need me, i have my phone on me!” “okay well ill talk to you later then!” you said. “Have fun!” your mom said as she walked out of your room,down the stairs and out the door.

*Phone ringing*

you- Hello?
courtney- Hey girl! im throwing a huge party tonight and i want you to come! It starts at 7! And you can sleep over if you want! Can you go?
You- yayy ! of course ill go! whats your adress?
Courtney- 72 , bellwood ave! Oh, and the passcode for the gates is 11964
You- Okay, ill see you there!
Courtney- oh, and look really nice, alot of hot guys are going (;
You- haha , okay, i have so much to tell you btw!
Courtney- oooooooh! okay! cant wait to hear it! ill see you later !
You- bye!

*Hangs up phone.*

“Holy crap, her house has its own passcode to get in? Damn,she must be pretty rich =x” you looked at the clock it was already 6:00
“SHIT! i gotta get ready!” you ran into your bathroom, took a shower, straightened your hair and put on dark ripped skinny jeans with a white flowy low cut shirt that was off the sholder with a long gold necklace with little charms ( a heart, a key, a bird and bow) and you put on your gold heels. You put on your black eyeliner and mascara. You grabbed your iphone, keys and small white wristlet from coach and put your stuff in it. And packed your bags to sleep over her house. You looked in the mirror, hmm, i guess this okay for a party. You looked at the clock and it was 7:15 “Be fashionably late it always best.”

You got into your black range rover. (Yeah you had a black range rover (; ) you Put on your radio and started to drive. You pulled up to a HUGE gate that had someone standing in front of them. “Name?” he asked. “Karissa, karissa coudrey” you said. “Okay your on the list you may go in , the vallet will park your car.” “okay, thanks!” wow. She has a personal guard. And a vallet? damn.

You walked out of your car and walked to the huge front door. you felt like you were at p diddys house.
Courtney answered the door with a 4 loco in her hand (its a alcholic drink, but its flavored) “Hey girl i thought you werent gonna show! Im likin the shoes!” “Haha, thanks!” “well come in!” You walked into the lavish house. its was all white, with a huge chandalear and a winding stair case

( like this one )

You walked in with music blasting the song “hot tottie” by usher “Theres food and drinks in the kitchen and hot guys every where! Have fun!” she said. As you walked on your way to the kitchen everyone was watching you you heard alot of

” Thats the new girl”
“Shes really pretty!”
“i like her shoes!”
“Thats the girl that called jessica out!”

alot of guys were saying this-

“Damn, shes got a nice ass!”
“Yeah, id tap that.”
“Damn, i want that one!”
“Haayyy sexxaayyyy!”

You felt amazing. You used to be the hated one, who everyone laughed at, or who was made fun of, or hated for no reason, this felt amazing. but you werent gonna be a bitch about it. Or be stuck up, smile karissa, smile. you thought to your self.

You looked up at the winding stair case to see, chaz, some kid named ryan, mitch, justin and the royal bitch all looking at you while holding 4 locos and beer cans.
“Hey sexy” you heard chaz say, You did a flirty wave at him and kept walking. “She so wants me!” chaz said. You spotted lexi and walked over to her. “Hey girl!” you gave her a hug. “Isnt her house so nice!?” “Haha damn right, what does her parents do?” you asked. “Well, her moms a lawer and her dad works for some record company called island def jam!” lexi said. “Wow, thats so cool!” Ill be right back im gonna put my stuff in courts room!” you walked up the stair case. justin and all his friends seperated so they werent on it. You walked into her room, it was so nice. it sorta looked like regina george’s room from mean girls.
You walked back down stairs and “bottoms up” by trey songz was on , courtney grabbed your hand , ” Come on, i wanna dance!” You were a good dancer so you wernt afraid to. She was so drunk! chaz showed up behind you out of no where and you started to grind on him. He was so getting a boner to! haha you laughed . You saw courtney grinding with that kid ryan. Then he took her hand and they went upstairs to hook up. You were still grinding on chaz, and you saw justin leaning up against the wall watching you and chaz while he was pretending to listen to jessica. Jessica turned around and saw that justin was watching you dance. “Ugh, she thinks shes going out dance me!?” jessica said She dragged justin by his shirt and started to grind on him, she was doing it really badly. She completly looked like an idiot. I pushed chaz off of me , playfully and grabbed lexis hand and you started to grind on eachother (NOT IN A LESBIAN WAY AT ALL! JUST IN A FUNNY WAY!!) Chaz was just standing there with his mouth wide open just watching us along with about 5 other guys. Jessica was STILL looking like an idiot trying to dance which was so funny. The song was over and you went to get a drink. You felt someone whisper in your ear “You know maybe you should start giving private dances!” You turned around to see justin looking so sexy. “Haha, i guess so, jess got pretty jealous!” “Yeah i guess she did, but she didnt do it as good as you could.” he said with a smirk. “Haha, ill see you later” you said while pushing him past you. You walked over to chaz,lexi and mitch. You grabbed chaz and got back out on the dance floor as sexy bitch by david guetta came on. You turned around and put his hands on your hips looked over at justin winked at him and started to grind on chaz. You heard someone scream “GET IT CHAZ!” and he gave them the finger with a sleek smile. You didnt care you just kept going untill you saw courtney walk down the stairs fixing her shirt followed my ryan who just pulled up his fly on his jeans. obv. they gott it onnnn!(; You got out of chaz’s hands and walked over to courtney, the rest of the night was really fun. you danced with courtney and lexi and even got mitch to dance which was histerical. All while jess was watching you like a hawk.
Everyone else had left except justin ryan and chaz. Jess went home, thank god. Chaz pulled you into a hug and you leaned into kiss him knowing justin was watching. suprisingly he was a pretty good kisser, and you could tell justin was completly jealous. You didnt makeout but it was a long kiss. but no one really noticed considering courtney was kissing ryan and lexi was in the bathroom. Before they left chaz took your phone and put in his number, “text me sometime beautiful(;” he said. “haha, okay” he kissed you on the cheek and walked out along with ryan and justin.

“GIRL YOU WERE ALL UP ON CHAZ!” courtney said. she was piss drunk.
“Haha , well i wanted to make justin jealous, and chaz is really cute and obv justin has jess so unless he wants me, ill try justin. Wow, that sounded really slutty.” you said laughing. “HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, its okay i madeout with chaz too, to make ryan jealous , and MAN DID IT WORK!” courtney said. ” haha i know, i saw you walk out of your room with him!” you said. “Well, im really tired. ill see you in the morning.” you said laying down on courtneys floor with lexi. You checked your phone to see if you had any texts.

*incoming text message.*

Justin: Can you go outside? i wanna talk.

To be continued………….

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part 3

part 3 ENDING OF PART 2: “She told me not to talk to you, so i guess its going to be our little secret?” you said with a really flirty tone. “Agreed” he said. He started to walk away from you, but before he did , he bit his lip and winked at you. He walked over to jessica she said “Why the hell are you talking to that little slut!?” “oh will you shut up!? Your just jealous bc you dont like knowing that you have competition!” justin shouted. “WERE OVER!” omfg. omfg. omfg. omfg.

PART 3 SIKEEEEEEE ! You really wished he said that. heres what really happened.

As he walked away from you he turned around , bit his lip and winked at you, then… he flipped his sexy hair. omg he is so hot you thought to your self. He approached jessica before he could say a word she said “why are you talking to that whore?!” “Oh shut up jess, lets just go.” she pulled him into her violently and kissed him as you could see his hand crawl around her back a chill went down your spine. That dirty whore. you thought to yourself. He could do better. And that better, is me. That should be me. it was going to be your goal to get him from her. But for now you did get 2 other guys numbers! On the bus ride home courtney was flirting with some boy and lexi had cheerleading after so she wasnt on the bus. Finally, it was your stop to get off! You started to walk up your drive way when you heard a car pulling up to your next door neighbors house.
“Call me later baby *kissing*
then you heard tire skidds and someone driving away.

Ehh , who cares. you went inside your house and ran up to your room. You threw your bag on the floor and changed out of your stupid uniform for school, you went over to your dresser and pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and victoria secret jacket. “i need music, its drake time beechheess.” You went threw your iphone and put on “i get paper” by drake. you walked over to your balcony and leaned on the railing. You walked back into your room, Your room was so plain. “yesh. i need to put up posters.” you went over to the brown box, You got out your drake, taylor swift,usher, trey songz and rihanna posters. The next song that came on was “on to the next one” by jay-z you COMPLETLY forgot that your balcony doors where WIDE OPEN. You started to jerk, pin drop and dougie. You heard clapping. You turned around to see you had an audience outside your balcony next door. “wow, your a good dancer.” “uhh, thanks justin.”

HOLY CRAP, JUSTIN (GREEK GOD) LIVES NEXT DOOR TO ME!? you were shaking on the inside.
he climbed on the tree and crossed into your balcony , He plopped down on your bed as you walked over to your ihome and turned the sound down. “shes so sexy.” justin said. you looked at him with a really confused face, “rihanna” he pointed to your poster. “Ohh! , haha yeah i love her music.” Your heart was racing so fast , you couldnt take it. “So what are you doing here?” you asked. “Well, i was changing and i saw you dancing around your room.” “Ohh, you saw that?” you said blushing and laughing. “Yeah, you looked pretty hot doing it.” omfg, this is crazy. you thought to yourself. “Oh, thanks. Would’nt jessica kill you for saying that to me?” you said. “Fuck her, im probably going to break up with her anyway.” Your heart stopped. This.Is.Crazy. “so how do you like stratty?” he asked. “It’s nice, alot of hot guys haha.” “Do you think im hot?” he said getting up and getting close to you. He wanted to play games? Bring it. You leaned in to him, making it look like you were going to kiss him. Your lips were almost touching. Untill your door opened.

hey guys , tell me what yaa think, p.s sorry if theres alot of spelling mistakes !(:

xoxo- courtney&amanda;

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Part 2


part one ending: you felt someone clear their throat, you got angry you didnt turn around “Listen , if your going to try to give me your number.” Lexi kicked you under the tabel. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?” lexi widened her eyes and shook her head she whispered “Justin”

part 2: you were so scared to face him. you just told the greek, sexy, god off. like wtf!@#$%^&* you thought to yourself.

“Hey its karissa right?” justin said. “Uhh, yeah, sorry for yelling at you like that.” you said looking down. “Nahhh , its okay, you seem like a badass.” “well, i try.” you both laughed. “Im sorry about my girlfriend, she can be a real bitch sometimes. I dont blame you for getting back at her for that, she deserved it, she was so rude.” justin said. “YEAH SHE WAS!!” lexi and courtney said. you turned around and gave them like a “SHUT UP!” look. You saw jessica walk back in the cafe. with her two wanna be’s. She looked up and saw me and justin talking. “Jealously’s a real bitch isnt it.” i thought to myself.

“Well anyway, i just wanted to come over here and say sorry, considering she was being a real bitch to you. Oh and if she gives you any trouble, i give you permission to be a bitch back!” justin said laughing. “Haha , okay sounds good to me! Oh and justin?” you said while getting up and pulling him close to you so you could whisper into his ear. “yeah?” justin said. “She told me not to talk to you, so i guess its going to be our little secret?” you said with a really flirty tone. “Agreed” he said. He started to walk away from you, but before he did , he bit his lip and winked at you. He walked over to jessica she said “Why the hell are you talking to that little slut!?” “oh will you shut up!? Your just jealous bc you dont like knowing that you have competition!” justin shouted. “WERE OVER!”

omfg. omfg. omfg. omfg.

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Part 1


Your names Karissa coudrey. You have brown hair, long of course(; your skinny but you have a really nice body and your about 5’3, you have hazel eyes, and clear skin. okay lets start the story (:

“Mom i really dont understand why we moved here.” you said. “I told you we had to move bc your fathers job got transfered here!” your mom said. Ughhhh , this is pathetic, hmm now that were in canada, ive heard theres hot guys here! Hmm who knows =x you thought to yourself.
*The next day*
Here we go, you said to your self , first day of private school. Gotta go get ready and make myself look hot. You got up, took a shower, straightened your hair, put on your uniform, and grab your dark blue high heels ( heres the uniform above the knee blue and white, plad skirt, with a dark blue polo with any shoes you wanted to wear.)
You grabbed your chanel bag put your makeup in it,your iphone and a notebook. and left. “Bye mom, wish me luck!” you said before you left. as you shut the door behind you, you took a deep breath. there was 2 girls outside waiting for the bus. they turned around as you slammed the door. “This stupid door needs to be fixed!”
You walked down to the 2 girls one of them had long, dirty blonde hair with blonde highlights. the other one had brown short hair (like how rhiannas hair was like how it was short and angled ) ” hi my names karissa!” you said. (lets just say thats your name) “Hi! Im courtney(blonde haired girl), and this is lexi.” “Where are you from?” courtney asked. “New york.” you said. “OMG THATS SO COOL!” lexi said. The bus slowly pulled up, “Dont worry we’ll be your tour guides for today!” they said. “Yay, finally, i have friends.” you thought to your self. *10 minutes later” Courtney took your schedule, “OMG WE HAVE ALL OF THE SAME CLASSES!” she said, “yay!” you arived at the school and courtney took your arm and showed you around, and before you knew it, there was hot guys every where. “Courtney, i love this place already, theres sooooo many hot guys!” you said. “haha i know right?!” you went to your classes with court and the school year was already like 1 month in, so you were now COMPLETLY the new girl.

We walked in the room, everyone was all over the place, there was guys sitting on the desks talking, and 3 girls talking, then this one girl, you could completly tell that she was the “it” girl. Blonde straight hair, perfect skin, nice eyes. She was talking to these 3 guys but you couldnt see them, they were all facing the other way. it was obvious all the guys drooled over her. “Hey mr.fanning, this is karissa, shes new!” courtney said. “Oh hi ive been waiting to meet you!” he said. “EVERYONE! we have a new student this is karissa, shes from new york, so make her feel welcome.” Everyone turned around and looked at you, that “it” girl was giving you a dirty look so you gave one back(: then you looked over as those 3 boys turned around. The first one had short blonde hair, nice body. The next one was sort of tall, he had brown hair and had like flippy hair, he was pretty hot. You really wanted to see the other kid, there was something about him, like you didnt even see his face, but the back of him looked pretty good. Finally he turned around. He looked like a freakin greek god. Hazel eyes, nice smile, nice lips(; really nice body. But then he did this thing with his head he shook it to the side and he also had flippy hair. He was hot. Very hot. You didnt realize the teacher was talking to you, courtney elbowed you. You snaped out of your gaze and said “huh, sorry!” “Its okay, you can take a seat right there next to justin.” “Justin raise your hand.” he said. “omfg, justin…. thats the greek gods name!? god hes so sexy.” you finally moved accross the room as all of the guys checked you out. you sat down next to him. Justin still had his hand up He didnt take his eyes off of you. “Uhh, justin, you can put your hand down now.” your teacher said. You tried to play it cool and not focus on him, courtney turned around and winked at you. All you could feel was all of the guys watching every move you made. The period went so fast. The bell rang and you got up and walked over to courtney. “Omg did you see the way justin was looking at you!? Courtney said. “Yeah i guess, all of the boys kept smiling at me, thats never happened to me before!” you said. “Well its lunch so we should go before all of the seats are gone!

We walked threw the doors and everyone was watching you, you did your strut and followed courtney. “Oh god, here she comes here names jessica, watch your back, shes the bitch of the school, did i mention shes justins girlfriend! oh, and those to little girls are her little bitches alex and ali” Courtney said. your heart stopped.
Jessica looked at you and did a fake smile. Then sat on justins lap while he was in mid sentance, talking to like 10 guys. Her and justin started to make out. She did it un purpose. Shes gonna try to make you jealous. After 30 seconds she stood up walked over to you. As her to little friends followed her. she stood in front of you and looked into your eyes.
“Listen up little girl, i rule this place, so DONT think your gonna take over, this is MY school, so dont stare at my boyfriend mhkay? Oh, and get used to it, justin doesnt like you, so dont even try hunny.”
You could SO tell she got a nose job and she wears pounds of make-up. She was stairing deep into your eyes. She started to walk away, As her little bitches followed her.

You smiled and yelled “Uhm , listen up bitch.” The hole cafe. got dead quiet. Everyone was watching. you got back to your normal voice. she turned around and said “What did you just call me?!” justins friend told him to turn around his mouth dropped to the ground. He was pissed.

“Did i stutter? you heard me, you can think your gonna boss me around, but im not gonna put up with that, okay “Hunny?” Oh and by the way, nice nose job.”
Everyone started to clap. And yell. You heard alot of “You go girl!!!” ‘s And “yeeahhhh gurlllll ! you tell her!!!!!”
She huffed and gave you a dirty look as Jessica and her two little bitches followed her out the door.

Obviously, she wasnt going to be the head bitch anymore,it seemed like she ruined everyones life. And you hated seeing that happen to other people.Considering you used to be that innocent person that was picked on.
You were going to fix this.

you were bullied your hole life, you knew what to do and how to handle it. You were not afraid to step up to people like her.

Courtney looked at you stunned , “I can’t…. believe,….you.. just…did..that.” she said. “OMG GIRL! im so proud of you! no one has every stepped up to her like that!” Come on, lets go sit down.” You follow her as everyone gave you high fives and you gave alot of smiles. “Kill em with kindness” your mom used to say.

You sat down with lexi and courtney. “OMG KARISSA I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!” lexi said. “Haha well, i promise you, ill stand up for anyone she bothers.” “Im not afraid at all” You lied. you were scared. maybe she was going to lie to justin and say something, or maybe make up a rumor about you, or prank you. you had to start watching your back.i mean after all, she was the head bitch. you thought to yourself.

About 5 minutes later,

guy # 1) “Hey im mich, call me some time”, as he winked at you and gave you his number. “Oh, uhh , thanks” you said.

1 minute later.

Guy # 2) hey beautiful, im chaz , your pretty hot, i lost my number can i have your’s?” “Wow that was really cheezy” you said with a little laugh. he gave you a pen and paper, you wrote your number down.

You looked at the girls, “What the heck is going on this has NEVER happened to me before!?” you said. “Haha , your a lucky girl, these guys, that are coming up to you, are the most popular boys of our school karissa!” courtney said.

you felt someone clear their throat, you got angry you didnt turn around “Listen , if your going to try to give me your number.” Lexi kicked you under the tabel. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?” lexi widened her eyes and shook her head she whispered “Justin”

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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