JSYK it was a friday, so it was the weekend.

ENDING OF PART 3 : “Fuck her, im probably going to break up with her anyway.” justin said. Your heart stopped. This.Is.Crazy. “so how do you like stratty?” he asked. “It’s nice, alot of hot guys haha.” “Do you think im hot?” he said getting up and getting close to you. He wanted to play games? Bring it. You leaned in to him, making it look like you were going to kiss him. Your lips were almost touching. Untill your door opened.

part 4:
“karissa , im hungry!” your little brother said walking into your room. “Okay, ill be out in a sec!” As he stomped his little feet out of your room. “I gotta go.ill see you around!” you said walking out of your room leaving justin there. you started to walk down the stairs, as you heard your balcony doors close. justin obviously left.

2 hours later.

“Hey karissa! Where are you?” your mom said. “In here!” your door opened. Your mom looked exactly like you. dark hair, brown eyes, same lips, she even wore your clothes some times. “Ah there you are! How was your first day?” “It was good, i had a problem with the head bieoch of the school, but i think its all going to be okay. Alot of hot guys to!” you said. “Well im glad to hear that, please dont start any drama with this head bitch! Thats the last thing you need!” “Haha, yeah i know mom, ill be fine, ill be watching my back to, i met 2 girls to! and 2 guys gave me their numbers!” you said. “Hahahahahaha! thats my girl!” Your mom was like your bestfriend. You told her everything. litterly EVERYTHING. “Well , i have homework and stuff to do, so can you leave? haha” you said. “Yeah of course, Oh and karissa? I want you to go out and socialize so i give you permission to go out tonight.” your mom said with a smile “thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!” you said getting up and squeezing your mom into a hug. “Well, your father and i are going out tonight, so if you need me, i have my phone on me!” “okay well ill talk to you later then!” you said. “Have fun!” your mom said as she walked out of your room,down the stairs and out the door.

*Phone ringing*

you- Hello?
courtney- Hey girl! im throwing a huge party tonight and i want you to come! It starts at 7! And you can sleep over if you want! Can you go?
You- yayy ! of course ill go! whats your adress?
Courtney- 72 , bellwood ave! Oh, and the passcode for the gates is 11964
You- Okay, ill see you there!
Courtney- oh, and look really nice, alot of hot guys are going (;
You- haha , okay, i have so much to tell you btw!
Courtney- oooooooh! okay! cant wait to hear it! ill see you later !
You- bye!

*Hangs up phone.*

“Holy crap, her house has its own passcode to get in? Damn,she must be pretty rich =x” you looked at the clock it was already 6:00
“SHIT! i gotta get ready!” you ran into your bathroom, took a shower, straightened your hair and put on dark ripped skinny jeans with a white flowy low cut shirt that was off the sholder with a long gold necklace with little charms ( a heart, a key, a bird and bow) and you put on your gold heels. You put on your black eyeliner and mascara. You grabbed your iphone, keys and small white wristlet from coach and put your stuff in it. And packed your bags to sleep over her house. You looked in the mirror, hmm, i guess this okay for a party. You looked at the clock and it was 7:15 “Be fashionably late it always best.”

You got into your black range rover. (Yeah you had a black range rover (; ) you Put on your radio and started to drive. You pulled up to a HUGE gate that had someone standing in front of them. “Name?” he asked. “Karissa, karissa coudrey” you said. “Okay your on the list you may go in , the vallet will park your car.” “okay, thanks!” wow. She has a personal guard. And a vallet? damn.

You walked out of your car and walked to the huge front door. you felt like you were at p diddys house.
Courtney answered the door with a 4 loco in her hand (its a alcholic drink, but its flavored) “Hey girl i thought you werent gonna show! Im likin the shoes!” “Haha, thanks!” “well come in!” You walked into the lavish house. its was all white, with a huge chandalear and a winding stair case

( like this one )

You walked in with music blasting the song “hot tottie” by usher “Theres food and drinks in the kitchen and hot guys every where! Have fun!” she said. As you walked on your way to the kitchen everyone was watching you you heard alot of

” Thats the new girl”
“Shes really pretty!”
“i like her shoes!”
“Thats the girl that called jessica out!”

alot of guys were saying this-

“Damn, shes got a nice ass!”
“Yeah, id tap that.”
“Damn, i want that one!”
“Haayyy sexxaayyyy!”

You felt amazing. You used to be the hated one, who everyone laughed at, or who was made fun of, or hated for no reason, this felt amazing. but you werent gonna be a bitch about it. Or be stuck up, smile karissa, smile. you thought to your self.

You looked up at the winding stair case to see, chaz, some kid named ryan, mitch, justin and the royal bitch all looking at you while holding 4 locos and beer cans.
“Hey sexy” you heard chaz say, You did a flirty wave at him and kept walking. “She so wants me!” chaz said. You spotted lexi and walked over to her. “Hey girl!” you gave her a hug. “Isnt her house so nice!?” “Haha damn right, what does her parents do?” you asked. “Well, her moms a lawer and her dad works for some record company called island def jam!” lexi said. “Wow, thats so cool!” Ill be right back im gonna put my stuff in courts room!” you walked up the stair case. justin and all his friends seperated so they werent on it. You walked into her room, it was so nice. it sorta looked like regina george’s room from mean girls.
You walked back down stairs and “bottoms up” by trey songz was on , courtney grabbed your hand , ” Come on, i wanna dance!” You were a good dancer so you wernt afraid to. She was so drunk! chaz showed up behind you out of no where and you started to grind on him. He was so getting a boner to! haha you laughed . You saw courtney grinding with that kid ryan. Then he took her hand and they went upstairs to hook up. You were still grinding on chaz, and you saw justin leaning up against the wall watching you and chaz while he was pretending to listen to jessica. Jessica turned around and saw that justin was watching you dance. “Ugh, she thinks shes going out dance me!?” jessica said She dragged justin by his shirt and started to grind on him, she was doing it really badly. She completly looked like an idiot. I pushed chaz off of me , playfully and grabbed lexis hand and you started to grind on eachother (NOT IN A LESBIAN WAY AT ALL! JUST IN A FUNNY WAY!!) Chaz was just standing there with his mouth wide open just watching us along with about 5 other guys. Jessica was STILL looking like an idiot trying to dance which was so funny. The song was over and you went to get a drink. You felt someone whisper in your ear “You know maybe you should start giving private dances!” You turned around to see justin looking so sexy. “Haha, i guess so, jess got pretty jealous!” “Yeah i guess she did, but she didnt do it as good as you could.” he said with a smirk. “Haha, ill see you later” you said while pushing him past you. You walked over to chaz,lexi and mitch. You grabbed chaz and got back out on the dance floor as sexy bitch by david guetta came on. You turned around and put his hands on your hips looked over at justin winked at him and started to grind on chaz. You heard someone scream “GET IT CHAZ!” and he gave them the finger with a sleek smile. You didnt care you just kept going untill you saw courtney walk down the stairs fixing her shirt followed my ryan who just pulled up his fly on his jeans. obv. they gott it onnnn!(; You got out of chaz’s hands and walked over to courtney, the rest of the night was really fun. you danced with courtney and lexi and even got mitch to dance which was histerical. All while jess was watching you like a hawk.
Everyone else had left except justin ryan and chaz. Jess went home, thank god. Chaz pulled you into a hug and you leaned into kiss him knowing justin was watching. suprisingly he was a pretty good kisser, and you could tell justin was completly jealous. You didnt makeout but it was a long kiss. but no one really noticed considering courtney was kissing ryan and lexi was in the bathroom. Before they left chaz took your phone and put in his number, “text me sometime beautiful(;” he said. “haha, okay” he kissed you on the cheek and walked out along with ryan and justin.

“GIRL YOU WERE ALL UP ON CHAZ!” courtney said. she was piss drunk.
“Haha , well i wanted to make justin jealous, and chaz is really cute and obv justin has jess so unless he wants me, ill try justin. Wow, that sounded really slutty.” you said laughing. “HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, its okay i madeout with chaz too, to make ryan jealous , and MAN DID IT WORK!” courtney said. ” haha i know, i saw you walk out of your room with him!” you said. “Well, im really tired. ill see you in the morning.” you said laying down on courtneys floor with lexi. You checked your phone to see if you had any texts.

*incoming text message.*

Justin: Can you go outside? i wanna talk.

To be continued………….


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heyyyy im courtney , i got bored one day so i decited to write this(: tell me what you think!
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