Part 2


part one ending: you felt someone clear their throat, you got angry you didnt turn around “Listen , if your going to try to give me your number.” Lexi kicked you under the tabel. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?” lexi widened her eyes and shook her head she whispered “Justin”

part 2: you were so scared to face him. you just told the greek, sexy, god off. like wtf!@#$%^&* you thought to yourself.

“Hey its karissa right?” justin said. “Uhh, yeah, sorry for yelling at you like that.” you said looking down. “Nahhh , its okay, you seem like a badass.” “well, i try.” you both laughed. “Im sorry about my girlfriend, she can be a real bitch sometimes. I dont blame you for getting back at her for that, she deserved it, she was so rude.” justin said. “YEAH SHE WAS!!” lexi and courtney said. you turned around and gave them like a “SHUT UP!” look. You saw jessica walk back in the cafe. with her two wanna be’s. She looked up and saw me and justin talking. “Jealously’s a real bitch isnt it.” i thought to myself.

“Well anyway, i just wanted to come over here and say sorry, considering she was being a real bitch to you. Oh and if she gives you any trouble, i give you permission to be a bitch back!” justin said laughing. “Haha , okay sounds good to me! Oh and justin?” you said while getting up and pulling him close to you so you could whisper into his ear. “yeah?” justin said. “She told me not to talk to you, so i guess its going to be our little secret?” you said with a really flirty tone. “Agreed” he said. He started to walk away from you, but before he did , he bit his lip and winked at you. He walked over to jessica she said “Why the hell are you talking to that little slut!?” “oh will you shut up!? Your just jealous bc you dont like knowing that you have competition!” justin shouted. “WERE OVER!”

omfg. omfg. omfg. omfg.


About courrtttneyyxo

heyyyy im courtney , i got bored one day so i decited to write this(: tell me what you think!
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