Part 1


Your names Karissa coudrey. You have brown hair, long of course(; your skinny but you have a really nice body and your about 5’3, you have hazel eyes, and clear skin. okay lets start the story (:

“Mom i really dont understand why we moved here.” you said. “I told you we had to move bc your fathers job got transfered here!” your mom said. Ughhhh , this is pathetic, hmm now that were in canada, ive heard theres hot guys here! Hmm who knows =x you thought to yourself.
*The next day*
Here we go, you said to your self , first day of private school. Gotta go get ready and make myself look hot. You got up, took a shower, straightened your hair, put on your uniform, and grab your dark blue high heels ( heres the uniform above the knee blue and white, plad skirt, with a dark blue polo with any shoes you wanted to wear.)
You grabbed your chanel bag put your makeup in it,your iphone and a notebook. and left. “Bye mom, wish me luck!” you said before you left. as you shut the door behind you, you took a deep breath. there was 2 girls outside waiting for the bus. they turned around as you slammed the door. “This stupid door needs to be fixed!”
You walked down to the 2 girls one of them had long, dirty blonde hair with blonde highlights. the other one had brown short hair (like how rhiannas hair was like how it was short and angled ) ” hi my names karissa!” you said. (lets just say thats your name) “Hi! Im courtney(blonde haired girl), and this is lexi.” “Where are you from?” courtney asked. “New york.” you said. “OMG THATS SO COOL!” lexi said. The bus slowly pulled up, “Dont worry we’ll be your tour guides for today!” they said. “Yay, finally, i have friends.” you thought to your self. *10 minutes later” Courtney took your schedule, “OMG WE HAVE ALL OF THE SAME CLASSES!” she said, “yay!” you arived at the school and courtney took your arm and showed you around, and before you knew it, there was hot guys every where. “Courtney, i love this place already, theres sooooo many hot guys!” you said. “haha i know right?!” you went to your classes with court and the school year was already like 1 month in, so you were now COMPLETLY the new girl.

We walked in the room, everyone was all over the place, there was guys sitting on the desks talking, and 3 girls talking, then this one girl, you could completly tell that she was the “it” girl. Blonde straight hair, perfect skin, nice eyes. She was talking to these 3 guys but you couldnt see them, they were all facing the other way. it was obvious all the guys drooled over her. “Hey mr.fanning, this is karissa, shes new!” courtney said. “Oh hi ive been waiting to meet you!” he said. “EVERYONE! we have a new student this is karissa, shes from new york, so make her feel welcome.” Everyone turned around and looked at you, that “it” girl was giving you a dirty look so you gave one back(: then you looked over as those 3 boys turned around. The first one had short blonde hair, nice body. The next one was sort of tall, he had brown hair and had like flippy hair, he was pretty hot. You really wanted to see the other kid, there was something about him, like you didnt even see his face, but the back of him looked pretty good. Finally he turned around. He looked like a freakin greek god. Hazel eyes, nice smile, nice lips(; really nice body. But then he did this thing with his head he shook it to the side and he also had flippy hair. He was hot. Very hot. You didnt realize the teacher was talking to you, courtney elbowed you. You snaped out of your gaze and said “huh, sorry!” “Its okay, you can take a seat right there next to justin.” “Justin raise your hand.” he said. “omfg, justin…. thats the greek gods name!? god hes so sexy.” you finally moved accross the room as all of the guys checked you out. you sat down next to him. Justin still had his hand up He didnt take his eyes off of you. “Uhh, justin, you can put your hand down now.” your teacher said. You tried to play it cool and not focus on him, courtney turned around and winked at you. All you could feel was all of the guys watching every move you made. The period went so fast. The bell rang and you got up and walked over to courtney. “Omg did you see the way justin was looking at you!? Courtney said. “Yeah i guess, all of the boys kept smiling at me, thats never happened to me before!” you said. “Well its lunch so we should go before all of the seats are gone!

We walked threw the doors and everyone was watching you, you did your strut and followed courtney. “Oh god, here she comes here names jessica, watch your back, shes the bitch of the school, did i mention shes justins girlfriend! oh, and those to little girls are her little bitches alex and ali” Courtney said. your heart stopped.
Jessica looked at you and did a fake smile. Then sat on justins lap while he was in mid sentance, talking to like 10 guys. Her and justin started to make out. She did it un purpose. Shes gonna try to make you jealous. After 30 seconds she stood up walked over to you. As her to little friends followed her. she stood in front of you and looked into your eyes.
“Listen up little girl, i rule this place, so DONT think your gonna take over, this is MY school, so dont stare at my boyfriend mhkay? Oh, and get used to it, justin doesnt like you, so dont even try hunny.”
You could SO tell she got a nose job and she wears pounds of make-up. She was stairing deep into your eyes. She started to walk away, As her little bitches followed her.

You smiled and yelled “Uhm , listen up bitch.” The hole cafe. got dead quiet. Everyone was watching. you got back to your normal voice. she turned around and said “What did you just call me?!” justins friend told him to turn around his mouth dropped to the ground. He was pissed.

“Did i stutter? you heard me, you can think your gonna boss me around, but im not gonna put up with that, okay “Hunny?” Oh and by the way, nice nose job.”
Everyone started to clap. And yell. You heard alot of “You go girl!!!” ‘s And “yeeahhhh gurlllll ! you tell her!!!!!”
She huffed and gave you a dirty look as Jessica and her two little bitches followed her out the door.

Obviously, she wasnt going to be the head bitch anymore,it seemed like she ruined everyones life. And you hated seeing that happen to other people.Considering you used to be that innocent person that was picked on.
You were going to fix this.

you were bullied your hole life, you knew what to do and how to handle it. You were not afraid to step up to people like her.

Courtney looked at you stunned , “I can’t…. believe,….you.. just…did..that.” she said. “OMG GIRL! im so proud of you! no one has every stepped up to her like that!” Come on, lets go sit down.” You follow her as everyone gave you high fives and you gave alot of smiles. “Kill em with kindness” your mom used to say.

You sat down with lexi and courtney. “OMG KARISSA I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!” lexi said. “Haha well, i promise you, ill stand up for anyone she bothers.” “Im not afraid at all” You lied. you were scared. maybe she was going to lie to justin and say something, or maybe make up a rumor about you, or prank you. you had to start watching your back.i mean after all, she was the head bitch. you thought to yourself.

About 5 minutes later,

guy # 1) “Hey im mich, call me some time”, as he winked at you and gave you his number. “Oh, uhh , thanks” you said.

1 minute later.

Guy # 2) hey beautiful, im chaz , your pretty hot, i lost my number can i have your’s?” “Wow that was really cheezy” you said with a little laugh. he gave you a pen and paper, you wrote your number down.

You looked at the girls, “What the heck is going on this has NEVER happened to me before!?” you said. “Haha , your a lucky girl, these guys, that are coming up to you, are the most popular boys of our school karissa!” courtney said.

you felt someone clear their throat, you got angry you didnt turn around “Listen , if your going to try to give me your number.” Lexi kicked you under the tabel. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?” lexi widened her eyes and shook her head she whispered “Justin”


About courrtttneyyxo

heyyyy im courtney , i got bored one day so i decited to write this(: tell me what you think!
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