PART 5(:

END OF PART 4-“Well, im really tired. ill see you in the morning.” you said laying down on courtneys floor with lexi. You checked your phone to see if you had any texts.

*incoming text message.*

Justin: Can you go outside? i wanna talk.

Replying back to the text

You: uhm, okay , ill try.
Justin: okay. im 2 houses down.

you slowly got up and went down stairs trying to be quiet. you opened the door and met justin in his car around the corner. “hey, so what’s going on?” you said while getting in. “yeah, um , i need to ask you something.” He took off his seat belt and leaned in to you. “Justin, what are you doing.” “Shhhh, i need to see something.” as his lips were brushing yours. you closed your eyes as justin took the lead. You didn’t realize it, but you were kissing, (which turned into making out) in only 3 minutes at 3:26AM. In his car.In the cold. Wearing shorts.
He pulled you into the back seat. As he put you on top of him. You knew you shouldn’t be doing this. But you really didn’t want to stop. and he didnt either. he locked his hands on your hips as you locked your hands around his neck as his tounge slid into your mouth. “Justin, stop.” you said while getting off of him. “You have a girlfriend.” you said “im really sorry karissa, i shouldn’t have done that.” “i should go back inside.” you said. before you got out of the door he grabbed your hand. “wait, dont go just yet. I like jessica and all, but there just something about you.” “Well, im not going to be the whore that you cheat on jessica with, so its either me or her. I need to get back inside. ill see you in school justin.” you got out and slammed the door. you got back into the house and closed the door behind you. You leaned on the door. Wow, i just made out with justin bieber, in HIS CAR. “ugh, i really hope im not dreaming right now.” you went back up stairs.

*the next day*
you woke up to lexi snoring and the smell of bacon and pancakes.
you went down stairs to see the house absoloutly spotless. “WOW Courtney! Did you clean all of this up!?” You asked “yeaaahhhh! i wish! , vanessa and maria our house keepers did it!” “oh cool!” you said. “So what happened with justin last night missy!?” courtney asked. “What are you talking about?” “i saw you come inside and justins car driving off last night! you were gone for like 10 minutes!” courtney said. “Well he texted me saying he wanted to talk to me, then he kissed me, which turned into making out, then we went into the back seat , he pulled me on top of him and we made out more. but then i told him to stop even though i really didnt want to. but then i told him id see him later. “omg! karissa! Was he a good kisser at least!?” courtney asked. “OMFG HE WAS AN AMAZING KISSER! And his hands? omg his hands are like…. omg, they were all over me! it was ammmaazzziiinnnggggggggg !(:” you said. Your day was pretty good after that. you went shopping and went to olive garden with lexi and courtney. They really were becoming your bestfriends.

*incoming text message”

chaz:Hey beautiful (; ryans having a massive pre-16th party tonight and i want to dance with you again(; So you better go sexy(;
You: Hmmm, maybe ill make an appearance(; lexi&courtney;can come to right? And i need the address.
Chaz: yeah they can come its 34 applewood drive and it starts at 6
You: okay were going, be pre paired to dance with me tonight.. sexy(;
Chaz: mmmm, im excited (;
You: ill see you later(: byeee.
Chaz: okay bye beautiful!(:<3

5:00 PM

You were in your room getting ready and it was not going to be formal bc it was a pre-party so you wore this –

its the one with the black skirt and the white tank top tucked in.

Courtney and lexi picked you up and you walked into ryans house. It was a hole new croud of people, but a lot of familiar faces. As you walked in his house , it deff wasnt like courtney’s but it was not crappy either so it was pretty nice. You walked in and courtney went to ryan and lexi went to get a drink. You felt someone rap their hands around your waist. You turned around to see chaz looking pretty hot. black skinny jeans and a purple shirt with supras. “You look really hot karissa!” chaz said. “Ready to show everyone up tonight on the dance floor?” he asked ” haha, im not ready yet, i need a drink first. Take me to get one?” you said with a flirty smile. “Uhhhhh, shure!” Chaz took your hand and got you a grape flavored 4 loco. About an hour later you started to let loose so you took chazs hand while he was talking to justin. You put him in back of you, took his hands and put them on your hips again. “Fiesty much?” he said with a laugh. “You so want it!” he kissed your neck “Wanna go to ryan’s room?” you turned around and he took you by the hand and went to his room. Chaz picked you up and put you on the bed as he took off his shoes and got on top of you. “No,no,no , im in control, not you.” you said. you got on top of him and started to kiss him as he slid his tounge into your mouth, while he did that he slid his hands on your butt. making you flinch a bit.
*10 minutes later *

“damn karissa, your pretty good at this.” chaz said. “Ohh hushhh chaz.” you said. You were sort of numbing the pain that justin had been giving you and replacing it my making out with chaz. It never really ment anything, it was almost like you wanted justin, but chaz was your way of getting to him.
and man did you get to him.

“Yo chaa- , WOAH! um, am i interupting something?” justin said barging in on you and chaz (while you were on top of him) “No freaking duh! Get out justin!” chaz said while throwing a pillow at him. “i was only going to say that im taking jess home, ill be back later.” Justin looked heart broken. And you felt really bad. you almost forgot you were on top of chaz. “Hey, baby, wanna keep going?” he said while rubbing your neck. “Uhhh, i think im just gonna go back down stairs and get another drink.” “oh, uh, okay , you owe me another sexy make-out session then!” he said with a flirty smile. “Haaha , okay chaz, whatever you say!” you got up and walked down stairs, got another drink and just when you went outside to get some air, justin got out of his car WITH OUT JESSICA and took you by the hand and took you over to the side of the house.


About courrtttneyyxo

heyyyy im courtney , i got bored one day so i decited to write this(: tell me what you think!
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