part 3

part 3 ENDING OF PART 2: “She told me not to talk to you, so i guess its going to be our little secret?” you said with a really flirty tone. “Agreed” he said. He started to walk away from you, but before he did , he bit his lip and winked at you. He walked over to jessica she said “Why the hell are you talking to that little slut!?” “oh will you shut up!? Your just jealous bc you dont like knowing that you have competition!” justin shouted. “WERE OVER!” omfg. omfg. omfg. omfg.

PART 3 SIKEEEEEEE ! You really wished he said that. heres what really happened.

As he walked away from you he turned around , bit his lip and winked at you, then… he flipped his sexy hair. omg he is so hot you thought to your self. He approached jessica before he could say a word she said “why are you talking to that whore?!” “Oh shut up jess, lets just go.” she pulled him into her violently and kissed him as you could see his hand crawl around her back a chill went down your spine. That dirty whore. you thought to yourself. He could do better. And that better, is me. That should be me. it was going to be your goal to get him from her. But for now you did get 2 other guys numbers! On the bus ride home courtney was flirting with some boy and lexi had cheerleading after so she wasnt on the bus. Finally, it was your stop to get off! You started to walk up your drive way when you heard a car pulling up to your next door neighbors house.
“Call me later baby *kissing*
then you heard tire skidds and someone driving away.

Ehh , who cares. you went inside your house and ran up to your room. You threw your bag on the floor and changed out of your stupid uniform for school, you went over to your dresser and pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and victoria secret jacket. “i need music, its drake time beechheess.” You went threw your iphone and put on “i get paper” by drake. you walked over to your balcony and leaned on the railing. You walked back into your room, Your room was so plain. “yesh. i need to put up posters.” you went over to the brown box, You got out your drake, taylor swift,usher, trey songz and rihanna posters. The next song that came on was “on to the next one” by jay-z you COMPLETLY forgot that your balcony doors where WIDE OPEN. You started to jerk, pin drop and dougie. You heard clapping. You turned around to see you had an audience outside your balcony next door. “wow, your a good dancer.” “uhh, thanks justin.”

HOLY CRAP, JUSTIN (GREEK GOD) LIVES NEXT DOOR TO ME!? you were shaking on the inside.
he climbed on the tree and crossed into your balcony , He plopped down on your bed as you walked over to your ihome and turned the sound down. “shes so sexy.” justin said. you looked at him with a really confused face, “rihanna” he pointed to your poster. “Ohh! , haha yeah i love her music.” Your heart was racing so fast , you couldnt take it. “So what are you doing here?” you asked. “Well, i was changing and i saw you dancing around your room.” “Ohh, you saw that?” you said blushing and laughing. “Yeah, you looked pretty hot doing it.” omfg, this is crazy. you thought to yourself. “Oh, thanks. Would’nt jessica kill you for saying that to me?” you said. “Fuck her, im probably going to break up with her anyway.” Your heart stopped. This.Is.Crazy. “so how do you like stratty?” he asked. “It’s nice, alot of hot guys haha.” “Do you think im hot?” he said getting up and getting close to you. He wanted to play games? Bring it. You leaned in to him, making it look like you were going to kiss him. Your lips were almost touching. Untill your door opened.

hey guys , tell me what yaa think, p.s sorry if theres alot of spelling mistakes !(:

xoxo- courtney&amanda;


About courrtttneyyxo

heyyyy im courtney , i got bored one day so i decited to write this(: tell me what you think!
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